letter to myself

dear me,

how are you? fine i hope. i know things aren't the way you want them right now, but don't worry better days are in the near future for you. one suggestion, you need to calm down. last night was too much and it showed a side of you that people have never seen. remember the first rule of being you? never let anyone see you at your worst. but it's okay people make mistakes. just know that everyone will probaly be talking about you behind your back for a while. you can expect fakeness and a lot of random stares. its ok though, just smile.

life has so many unexpected turns and a lot of ups and downs. right now you are on your down period, but no worries because you will be back up really soon. just keep thinking positive. stay focused on your priorites. slow down on the partying. and most importantly just be you.

stop trying so hard to get people to like you. they can see through the act. there is no need to be extra, if they don't like you for your natural goodness..fcuk them. you are a super cool girl. yes its true that you are misunderstood and that none of the people that you consider a friend really know the real you. but that's your fault for portraying something that you are not. you have to realize that people react to what they see. just calm down and relax. take a couple deep breaths and the real you will slowly come out.

you know i love you.


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