as i was saying in my last blog, i believe i am still single because of the sterotypes that black men have layed out on black women. did you knw that there are sites that are directed to black men who are tired of black women?? and now there issues are being spread around to other races, now every person on planet earth thinks that all black women are bitter and crazy with stank attitudes.

now everytime someone looks at me they assume that i'm the "typical black women", which i'm not. i don't have a attitude problem, i don't have that diva complex, i'm not mean and bitter, i know how to cook, i'm outgoing and adventurous, i don't wear weave. i don't know. im so confused on the whole black men hate black wome thing.

so i'm on youtube and there are several channels dedicated to this topic. for instance there is someones channel that is all about how fucked up black women are...there are over 400 videos, its crazy.

but i digress.

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