boys are funny

lmao. ok true story. so i was on myspace, checking messages and updates..etc and i get this message from someone who i was "talking" to for the last year. ok so in his message he was pretty much just saying how he missed me and how i am never available..blah blah blah. so i responded to him, not gonna go into details. anyways, so i click on his page..but it's still private ( long story short, he won't add me because he has a gf and he doesn't know that i know that) but i have my connections, so it wasn't a problem. well anyways i found some interesting things out. but i don't hate him for trying to be the player that he is, its kind of cute in a dogish way. weird, i know. funny thing is, i know he cares about me (even tho some may say different, they just don't understand the relationship we have)...but the fact is he has a gf and has always had one, i just didn't know about her until a month ago. the question, why would a guy who is in a relationship constantly come back to the same chick..when he he obviously has everything he needs right there at home? i see it this way, obviously there is something that he is not happy with. now i'm no home wrecker and i refuse to put myself in a situation like this again. but there is clearly something about me that he appreciates. and contrary to popular belief i don't give him anything...money nor coochie. when i see him its usually just a time to talk and relax. i don't know, its confusing. and i hate that he plays these games. its not right. i want to call him out on it so bad, but the again i don't really care. its funny because the girl checks out my myspace like on a daily basis..super funny. and like when i changed my profile, she went and changed hers and just to make sure everyone knew that she was with this guy she puts up pics of them in provocative positions. i dunno. its not my fault that her man is all up in my grill. but like i said i'm not a home wrecker, even though i have history with this guy and i still have feelings for him, i'm not going to do anything that would put me in an awkward situation. but this whole thing is funny, i must admit.

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