sibling love

so it's officially been 1 week since my little big brother left for the marines basic training. He is supposed to be back sometime in December. I can't believe its only been a week, i swear it seems like its been 2 months already. The first night he left we got a phone call from him, my mom said that all she heard was the officers in the background yelling at them and telling them what to say. He pretty much was allowed to tell us that he had made it to san deigo and that the next time we would hear from him would be in 2 weeks via a written letter. so that means that next week we should get a letter from him. i hope that he's doing okay, my brother is totally opposite from me so i know he's fine. i would seriously start crying if someone was yelling at me, i am just not agressive at all and i hate being yelled at. my brother is extremly nonchalant about everything, so i know if they are being agressive with him he won't show any emotion until he's alone. i can't imagine 3 months without seeing my brother. its weird how you never really know how much you will miss someone until they are actually gone. i mean i knew i would miss him, but i didn't think it would be that much. i find myself checking out his vids on youtube they make me laugh but then i have the sudden urge to cry. its just weird not hearing his voice or seeing his face like in front of me. goodness i'm such a girl, i am like literally tearing up as i type. so let's move on...

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