Nov. 4th *after voting*

so i just voted and it felt great! I'm kind of nervous, but excited about the results. i'm really hoping that we get the change that we so deserve, our country is at an all time low and i would love to see it make its way back to the top and be that admired place that everyone all over the globe dream of living one day.

I can't believe how historical this is, gosh i wonder what all the great civil leaders of the past would say right now. Man this is so awesome and there is so much emotion going through me right now. I never thought that I would ever see the possibilty of a black president....crazzzzzzzy. I always thought it was impossible. but this truly makes me feel like anything can happen.

right before i voted a friend sent me this video of these ignorant people at a mccain/palin rally, it proves that racism still exisit and isn't as hidden as it seems. these people were making statements calling obama a terrorist and a nigger...wth. one woman even said that obama was anti-white which didn't make a lick of sense considering that obama is half white and was even raised by his white grandmother(RIP). *sigh* it pains me to know that there are so many blind people out there who have no clue about the real world, they are like stuck in a time warp or something. this election isn't about race or gender, it is about voting in the right man (or woman) for the job.

i'm just happy that i have the oppurtunity to place my vote, because in the end it really does count...

It's no secret that I'm all for Obama/Biden, but good luck to both parties!

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