Barack Obama = CHANGE!

wow, I am so speechless right now, but I wanted to take this time to put my thoughts and feelings somewhere that i can go back and read whenever i get discouraged or feel like things are not possible. this is the most historical moment of my life, i really don't know if people feel what i'm saying. wow, i mean after years of being misunderstood and simply written off we finally have our chance to prove to america that we have a significant place in this country.

never in a million years would i have ever thought that a black man would become president, i can't believe that there is actually a black first lady and a black first family. wow, this gives me all the inspiration in the world to go after EVERY dream and goal i have. i remember when i first heard about the presidental candidates 2 years ago, i was so skeptical of obama but over the last year he has won my heart. i truly believe that he will act on his promises, his speech was excellent.

mccain's closing speech was classy, but his follwers not so much. they were disrespectful by booing and simply showing a lack of class, but his closing speech was good.

i'm so happy, and i can't express my feelings any other way...just crying and smiling. :))))

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