Random Gibberish

Have you ever thought that maybe its time to open up the doors to new prospects?

Lately I've been having thoughts that maybe its time that i make some new friends or shall i say aquaintances. now i love the people that are currently in my life and i have nothing bad to say about them, however they are getting a little boring in the sense that they don't like adventure. i am a very random person so i find it really hard to fit in with people as it is. i like doing things that are out of the ordinary, i enjoy risk taking and just having a grand ole time. i hate the whole image thing and the "i have to be the coolest kid on the block" syndrome. i just like to get in the car and go where ever the wind blows me, that's just the kind of person i am. And after the incident that happened a couple weeks ago i have just been in the mood for change. It's weird because the person that i feel closest to is starting to act "funny". For instance, i asked her if she wanted to go to the britney spears concert in april, she surprisingly turned me down. now normally she would have been game and ready to go, but she just flat out told me she wasn't interested. then she suggested that i go make a new buddy and go with them. i felt like that was kind of a low blow, but whatever. then over the weekend she ended up going out and didn't even bother to invite me. that kind of hurt my feel bads because i just always assume that she will invite me when she goes out and i would do the same. but it didn't happen that way, so it makes me think that maybe she's trying to distance herself..but i dunno. maybe i'm looking too far into this.

In any case, im just ready for adventure. life is too short to stay at home and watch movies all the time. dude you can sleep when you are dead, i'm ready to party and live out loud. Anyone out there ready to play???

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