Why is EVERYONE igging me?

so i was having a convo with my friend and she told me that i hurt her feelings, now this is the result of a couple friday nights back, (see my post: Friday Nite Lights for more info)to make a long story short we went out to a club, i was enjoying myself and she wasn't so we ended up leaving 30 minutes later...i was quite annoyed but got over it and proceeded to move on because i thought things were fine, but they weren't as i found out today.

anyways, as we were emailing back and forth i kept telling her that i felt like she was acting weird with me, like she was very dry and not her usual self and that she hadn't been since that incident. She then proceeded to tell me that she felt like i was calling her a flaker and saying that she was boring because of the one time she decided she wanted to leave a club prematurely. of course i was in total and complete amazement because i felt like WOW, why didn't you tell me this when i brought it up to you a week ago?!? but i didn't say that instead i explained to her why i was annoyed in detail, not sure if she fully understands because emails can be interpreted the wrong way very easily.

I don't know, i just feel like if people have an issue with me they need to be upfront about it because if they sit back and let time pass i will be way ahead of them wondering why they are being so shady towards me. i don't hold grudges and i really can't stay mad at someone for that long unless they royally piss me off but that is rare.

AHH, i don't know it just seems like everyone is ignoring me now. First my best friend is acting funny with me and now mystery man is acting even more weird...wow what a tuesday.

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