Vermont legalizes gay marragies

before i went to bed last night the last story that i heard on the news was that of Vermont lawmakers legalizing gay marriage. now i have always been pro choice on many issues, and i have always felt like gay couples should be treated as any hetero couple so when i heard the news i was happy. but then i found out that only 3 other states have passed a bill that allows gay marriage to happen (Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Iowa)and that burst my bubble. Why is it that these types of things have to go through a long, dreadful process? why do people make such a big deal on whether or not 2 people of the same sex can get married? if they can make the Plan B drug legal without a prescription for 17 year olds then they can easily pass a bill that allows gay unions in all 50 states. i understand that some people may feel like it is morally wrong and a sin, but we are living in 2009 and there are sins way worse being committed every second, so these people should be allowed to marry just like the rest of us. i've heard this saying so many times, everyone has one soul mate in life so if you are lucky enough to find yours then hold on to them tight and never let go (i changed it up a bit, but you get the idea), so does that only apply to straight heterosexual people? are we not all equal? are we not all human beings that have the ability to love what we find attractive in this "free" country?

Here's the story:


Congrats Vermont and to all of the people who are able to marry their soul mate!

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