i heart my hair!

i get so annoyed when people make ignorant comments regarding my hair. my decision to go natural was an easy one although it wasn't planned. i honestly believe that black people have the most unique and beautiful hair in the world, there are no other ethnic groups that share the hair we have. everyday i am surrounded by people with straight, long, euro-centric hair. i stick out like a sore thumb, but i love it.

i hate when people ask me what i put in my hair as if i can't have naturally curly hair. i don't put anything in my hair. my hair has a natural curl pattern that is simply beautiful. i only wish it was longer so that i could do more styles with it, but i love the nappyness and the curls.

contrary to popular belief i am not bald..lol. it cracks me up when people look at my hair and assume that it's this short. obviously my hair is curly, therefore once you put heat to it and straighten it, it will be significantly longer. i really want to straighten my hair just to see what it looks like and to clip my ends.

no my hair is not dry and rough. my hair is super soft like a pillow. i love playing with my hair because it feels good. the poofy part of it feels like a cotton ball, i just love it.

i love how black hair doesn't have to be washed on a daily basis with shampoos and stuff. non-black people have to wash their hair everyday else it will be all greasy and oily looking. sure happy i don't deal with that. i wash my hair with warm water during my showers, but i only shampoo it every couple of weeks. i am going to begin my deep condition just as soon as i find a product that i like.

yea i just felt like raving about my hair, because i love love love it.

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