i'm not a "big girl", i'm just me!

so i have a new pet peeve. it just recently came up. maybe its not a pet peeve but its definalty something that annoys me.

i don't consider myself to be a big girl, but sometimes people will make comments where it seems like they are grouping me with the big girls. i consider myself to be on the chubby side of things but i'm very volumptious. i have my curves as well as my lovely lady lumps (boobs and booty). i don't have rolls for days although i have a bit of a gut..hehe but its not in any way something that takes away from my beauty. i just hate when i'm out and someone will be like you look better than the chicks in here and they are smaller than you. now you may think "whats wrong with that?" well the problem is that when i look around at these chicks that are supposedly smaller than me, i see them as being in my weight class. so i take a stab to the heart when someone says something like that, because i don't feel like i'm big at all. i know my flaws and the things that i need to work on, but i don't feel like i am unattractive in any way. i mean i have never had any problem with getting attention. usually when i go out i am told that i am beautiful, so i don't know maybe its because i hang around super skinny people and i'm the biggest one in the group.

either way i love myself and i don't feel like i'm a "big girl", chubby yes..sexy..most def!

i don't know..you be the judge!

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