please tell me why people leave their homes without looking in the mirror first?!? so on this past sunday i went to an after party for an event that was held here..the special celebrity guest was none other than the pretty lame ray j. so before i even agreed to go i knew it would be heavily populated by black people, but i was thinking that since the venue was more upscale that the attendees would be as well. boy was i wrong. now i will be the first to tell you that i am not a super model at all, although i could most definitely do the plus size model thing...lol okay enough bragging. but my point is, i did my part..i made sure that i left the house looking classy and sexy. my fellow sistas however weren't so lucky. it was like a fashion show for hot ghetto mess. and there was an unimaginable amount of weave in the building. wowza it was crazy. and the one thing i hate about clubs that are predominately black is that no one dances.

so lets start on the fashion. now i know that i am not super skinny, but i know my flaws and i know my body type. therefore, when i go out i am going to make sure that i look like a 10 no matter what. its not about whats underneath your clothes, its all about the visual tricks that you play to make your self appear more desirable. anyways, there were so many chicks who had more rolls than a bakery and they were wearing super tight and short dresses with shoes that didn't even match. it was so sad. i just wanted to walk up to each of them and help them revamp their outfit to fit their body type. there's nothing wrong with being big and sexy or skinny and sexy, but the key word there is sexy and not everyone can pull it off. its more of a confidence and swagga that you carry..but i will get into in another post. i wish i had a camera for all the fashion faux pas that i saw.

i was so proud of myself for being the only natural sista in the place. its crazy how many chicks had weave and were relaxed. i got a few stares at first but i had more people who seemed to like it. i felt like it was a mission accomplished. i don't understand why more sistas don't cut out the relaxers and weave and rock their natural hair. its like they are conforming to the European idea of beauty. i love my hair and i am never going back to relaxers and weave.

why is it that black people are known for dancing but when given the opportunity no one dances. it cracks me up how people just stand on the wall and stare at other people. i'm the one who is like i don't care what people think lets get out there and shake our booties!!! i think its because they can't dance..most black chicks only know how to shake their ass and black dudes can't dance at all. thats why i love the white boys who will get out there and dance in front of all the black people..its funny but i can't help but admire it.

so the moral of the story:

wear clothes that compliment your body, not what looks cute on the manikin at the mall
get rid of the weave and let your natural hair flow
dance! dance! dance!

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