Shady People

ok, so this is a slightly unedited continuation from my "quick rant" blog on myspace.

shady people are just on a whole notha level, like seriously how can you flat out be two faced. i have never understood that, its like you will say stuff to me that leads me to believe one thing and then when i see you out and about you will be the biggest douche ever. not so sure what thats all about, and i swear i thought we squashed that...but i guess you my friend still have issues.

i just hate feeling like i'm a bug a boo, when i'm the least clingy person you will ever meet. why do you think guys love me so much...i'm real and i give people their space. so when you have me thinking one thing and then you do some questionable shit its like damn are you for serious? ahhh, i just don't know what to think anymore.

this whole situation makes me feel like you are sizing me up, like you have to make sure i'm in the "in" crowd before you can actually take the time to get to know me. i hate when people do some elementary shit like that. i'm not begging you to be my friend/aquaintance...whatever you want to call it...shit i'm cool by my damn self. i love the people who are in my life right now...maybe you think i'm like obsessed with you or something, i dont know. but i feel like this, all my life i have been teased, made fun of, put down, rejected by my own damn people and others...so you igging me and acting hella shading is nothing new, been there done that and quite frankly i dont have time for it. i'm a nice person, a real human with feelings and emotions...im sorry i'm not that model chick but damn i haven't had any complaints so far. i am just over the whole thing...like this feels like a game to me...cat and mouse...tom and jerry type shit.

IDK, i just think people take my text and calls as more than what they are worth, you know...i think people assume that i'm like in love with them when i'm not...trust me if you were worth that much of my heart you would already know by now.

*sigh* i'm just going to continue to do me and when you decide that you are done rolling in that shady ass mud then you hit me up and let me know what's good.

i digress

*disclaimer* please do not sit at your computer and try to figure out who this is about, i'm not naming anyone, not even tryin to call anyone out, and you most likely don't know them. don't assume that you know, if you are curious just ask!

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