vegas pt.2

ok so me and my bestest friend in the whole entire universe are going to sin city this weekend! i'm so excited because it was completly at random and spontaneous. this time around we are mos def going to do things right, the last time we went it was fun but so unorganized. i don't know i'm a stickler for having an agenda/intinerary when traveling, it just keeps you on schedule and you can have more fun because you know your options. i'm just really excited to see my vegas boo and introduce him to my bff, im excited to go to some shows and just let loose and have fun.

the thing i love about vegas is that you can be someone else for the weekend, its like you can really live out loud...the environment down there is just like whoa, the lights, the people, the gambling, the shows, the celebs...man its just the greatest place on earth next to the south of france...but damn i'm excited.

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