eating disorder sufferers annoymous

gosh, i hate having an eating disorder. it's like the story of my life. i guess it's a good thing that i can actually admit it, so that way i'm not like in the closet and depressed about it. i think i've gotten better, but i still have my relapses. like recently, i've been binging like crazy and purging is sucks so i found another way to let it back out....i will spare you the details.

i have tried other things to keep my mind off it, but so far its not working.

i'm going to try something different this week....let's hope it works.

i just hate it because its like a yo-yo thing with me. like i want to lose weight but when i am showing progress i go on a super binge and that messes up my metabolism and gets me all out of wack. but i know i can overcome this. bulimea is just a small part of my life and its not goin to take me out!

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