another pet peeve...say what?

don't you just hate it when you feel like you can't share things with your friends. like i love that i have people that i can consider as friends/aquaintances, but at the same time i hate that everyone seems to share information. like secrets don't really exsist. and i hate that when i want to call up a friend and tell them about something that i'm dealing with or excited about i can't because i know that they won't really care. it's not really fakeness on their part, its more or less a little bit of selfishness. like sometimes i just want to go out to dinner or something with a friend and share good conversation but it seems like that's impossible.

oh my gosh..pet peeve alert.

okay so i hate that when someone helps me out with something they seem to hold it over my head. it's kind of like i know that you helped me out when i needed it and i know that i still have to repay you for that...you don't have to remind me by telling the world that i don't have money. its so embarassing when i'm around other people that i consider to be my friend and someone will like yell out "she ain't got no money"....then people look at me like i'm a loser. i can't stand that. i can't wait until that cloud is no longer over my head. sooner than later i won't have to deal with that and i know not to do it again only because i don't like having something that someone can throw in my face everyday.

more pet peeves to come........

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