birthday plans....party anyone?

so it's almost my birthday (well exactly in 2 months from today) and i'm sitting here thinking about what i want to do...

i really wanted to go somewhere out of town for my birthday, but then i don't know if anyone would actually come. but i guess it doesn't matter because its all about what i want, right?

i don't know, i kind of wanted to go to vegas, LA, or NYC...those are the 3 places i want to go if i decide to take a birthday trip out of town.

if i decide to have a party, i want to make it more of a grown and sexy type of thing. i was trying to plan a party like this for my friend but she was like changing her mind too much. like one minute we were doing one thing and the next moment we were doing another, it was annoying. but i guess it all worked out, just fine. but what i was thinking for my party was doing like a black and white ball type of thing. i could rent out a lounge, well i guess i wouldn't be renting it out per say, but reserving the space...you know what i mean. anyways, i could reserve a lounge space and have a themed party. something sexy, yet fun and festive. i wouldn't want it to be too upscale because then no one would want to dress up. i know that i don't have that many friends, but i think it would be fun if i threw a party and invited everyone. i think thats the scary part of throwing a party...not knowing if anyone would actually show up. in my case i would be lucky if i got 10 people to come..lol...im really not that popular amongst the locals, so i dunno.

but thats sort of my idea. you know what i'm about to turn this into a "notes to self" blog...so you can stop reading here if ya like.

Almost Famous* Birthday Bash
Possible Dates: 9/27 or 10/04 ( saturday before and after my bday)
Possible Locations: TBD
Themes: Black and White, Black and Pink, Hollywood, Grammys, (something like an awards show)
Activites before the party: depending on the weather a BBQ or dinner at a restaurant

ooh this is great, i love planning parties.

and i can even go on my bday trip depending on when i hold my party.

so that means that i have 2 months to get in some kind of shape so that i can at least be the sexiest one at my party and i have 2 months to meet as many people as i can so i can invite them to the party of the year..lol.

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