i'm almost 23!


so i just realized that in exactly 2months from today is my birthday!

i am so excited yet scared. well i guess scared really isn't the word but i'm nervous. only because i will be turning 23 and that means that in 2 years i will be 25!


i feel so old.

even though i'm still young, the number just makes me feel like i'm going to be 30 in no time.

but i guess the number is a constant reminder of how i need to stay on point and on track with my goals. right now i have put myself on a 2 year goal. my plan is that in 2 years i will be working within my career feild (film) and living in california. there is waaaay more to my 2 year plan than that but i don't feel like going into details at the moment...maybe in a later post.

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