Gifts from Above

okay so on a happy note, life is moving along somewhat smoothly. i can feel a change coming and it makes me smile. i think the vegas vacation really opened me up and tuned me back to my normal self.

before my weekend getaway i was feeling upset that things weren't going my way and i was giving up on everything that i had pretty much planned for myself. it was like i turned my back on my dream and everything that i stood for. i just kind of stepped aside and watched myself live instead of living. in laymans terms, i was giving up on me...

when i came back felt rejuvanated and full of determination to accomplish my goals. the job search was back on and i started getting responses at an alarming rate. then out of no where i realized that God had sent me a job last year. He gave me an answer to my prayers, an answer to my problems. but over the last year i seemed to let it slowly slip out of sight. that's when it hit me, i am wasting all this time trying to find a job when God had given me a gift all along that i was not taking full advantage of. it's crazy how those things happen.

i can remember it was probaly around the end of August 2007, i was sitting in my apartment...my lights had been disconnected and i was pretty much in a depressed state. i was sitting on the sofa in front of some candles and i started praying, asking God to deliver me from all of the pain and dispare that i was dealing with at the time and that's when i saw it...there was an image on the ceiling that the light from the candles had made and that's when i knew i needed to start my business. i quickly researched cameras and different things of that nature, started a website and once i received my camera i started taking photos. the only thing is with all that excitment i had for the camera and the new oppurtunity, i didn't beleive that i could do it, so i lost the motivation and those images stayed on my camera. i stopped using my camera and then my brothers ended up breaking the lens.

long story short...fast forward to this year almost a year ago since i had that moment. i believe now. i know that i am fully capable of doing this photography thing and making it into something more than just a hobby. i am inspired and ready to fight the good fight. so now i am going to be selling those very same images i took last year, and i know that this time i won't fail.

moral of the story: never let go of something that God has given you because it is a gift and it is already a blessing in disguse.

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