another installment of pet peeve mania!

okay, so as we all know i'm a very simple person...quite easy to please but i do have my little quirks (hey it just wouldn't be right if I didnt, right?).

Why is it that when you send someone a simple text message saying hi and such they can't respond back in a timely manner?!? it's like i know you got my message, i'm sure your phone vibrated or sung a lil song when my message came thru...let me guess you looked down in excitment hoping it was that special person, you open your phone and surprise its just me..ahahahaha. too funny. but no seriously, why can't people just do me the courtesy and respond, that way i'm not sitting here feeling like a total douche for sending you a message.

i just don't get it. i mean when people send me texts, i always respond...that's the nice thing about text messages, you can respond in detail or just with a one word response and hopefully the person on the recieving end will sense whether or not you want conversation. i don't know maybe its just me.

i just hate texting people because i'm never sure if they are going to ignore me or not. being ignored via text is just as bad as walking down the street and seeing someone you know, running up in excitment to say hi and they just walk right past you like "now what sucka". oh wells.

and the thing that makes it worse is when that person texts you on a random monday morning and you don't respond to them they get all butt hurt and want to bitch you out because now YOU are igging THEM. ahh how the tables turn.

so this is what pet peeve #1009, lol just kidding.

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