Youtube return??

I decided that I am going to start vlogging again, recently I have had so much to say but never have anyone to say it to. I'm borrowing my friends camera so I figure may as well take advantage of it, right?

I think this time around I will focus more on my natural hair journey and other issues that come up. I am going to do my best to stay out of all the Youtube drama. I kind of got myself caught up in the whole BM bashing BW thing. I'm not sure how that happened because it totally wasn't my intention..but it happened nonetheless(gosh i love that word) because of a video i did entiteled "no i don't like thugs". apprently people looked so deep into it and they started telling me how i didn't get it and how i was apart of the problem. it was quite comical because these men think that they know how each and every BW acts. what they don't understand is that we are all very different and were raised differently. it just seems like no matter what you say there will always be someone there to argue with you, so i just smile and respond to their comments. but yea that video totally got me caught up in that whole drama. so i'm going to do my best to keep that type of drama off my channel.

In any case I'm ready!

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