Friday Night Lights...

so my weekend was such a blur, but not in a good way. So anyone who knows me knows that I am a little ball of energy, I just love living out loud and doing it big everyday. So it was only natural that when Friday came around that I would be ready to go out and have fun. So i call up my friend and ask her if she's DTK (love it) so at first she's like excited and ready to put on her party hat...but then once we got to the club her whole attitude changed. That's when I knew that the night was going to go sour, but of course me being the positive person that I am, I decided to just smile and hope for the best. A couple things upset me that night, #1 I had to drive to Seattle and pay for parking (which was only $5 but hey times are hard, #2 I sat in the car for an hour wasting valuble dancing and drinking time so that I could try to hype up my friend, #3 I had to pay her cover (which was $10 and mine was only $5, go figure), and #4 we ended up leaving the club after only 30min of standing in one place. I could go on but I'm choosing not to list everything because it will only anger me.

I just hated the fact that she went to the club with the intention of not having fun, it's like she knew no one from our crew would be there so she wasn't even trying to have it. I dislike people like that and I never saw that side of her until that night. It was like we sat in the car and she just kept saying how drunk she had to be to enjoy herself and how we should have went somewhere else and blah blah blah. And the fudged up part was that the club was actually cracktastic, like it was really poppin...the music was right, it was packed but not too bad. The only issue I had was that it was extremely hot in there...like they neglected to fix the A/C, but other than that it was coolness. It was like she didn't want to have fun, she choose not to have fun which resulted in her spoiling my night. So 30min into us just standing on the dance floor I polietly asked her if she wanted to leave and she was like yes, so I swallowed my pride, put on my happy face and drove her home. Then of course I was bored out of my mind because it was only 1:15am!!! It was slightly irritating.

I also got irritated at the fact that she was telling me her plans for Saturday as if she was really including me. Apparently there was a birthday party and they were having it at a place that I dislike for my own personal reasons. I am open to going there for special occasions, but its rare. So she mentions to me that they were having dinner earlier in the evening, so after she tells me that shes like telling me how she's getting picked up at 7:30 and that if I'm going I need to find my own ride if I don't want to drive...so at this point I'm like WTF..I'm so over the impromptu invites...they don't make you feel loved at all. It's more like a "oh I'm going here and since I know you have nothing to do, would you like to come? Oh yea but if you do come you need to find your own ride and stuff..hehe hehehe." Grrr I hate that!

Then on top of that, I am always told be this person how they hate it that I have to trick myself into having a good time when I go to certain places. My whole reason for that is that sometimes I don't enjoy certain people or venues so I have to hype myself up so that I can look past it and have a good time regardless. She on the other hand loves to say how its the people not the place that makes a good time and how she can have a good time ANYWHERE, ha...so contridicting.

The highlight of my night were the racoons that were harassing me when I got home. Yes, I said racoons. It was crazy, I like get home and I'm sitting in the car and I look out the window only to see a family of 5 walking across the front yard. And they just like stopped and chilled there for a moment, like they knew I was sitting there and they were trying to show me whose boss. It was funny, yet traumatizing.

Moral of this story:

Don't go out somewhere if you don't really want to go! Practice what you preach!!

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