wait, what did i miss??

OMG, I need to like recap so much!

Hmm, lets start with Vegas, it was GREAT! I had fun and I'm so proud of myself for sticking to my guns and doing me every step of the way. I went down there with the intention of not worrying so much about my hair and the way I looked and it turned out great. At the end of the day I felt confident and sexy and was getting love from everyone.

So after we got back from Vegas it was the week of thanksgiving, so I was persuaded into going out on the night before thanksgiving. i had never been out before on the day before so i was a little weary about the whole thing, but once I got a little liquor in me i was ready to party. that turned out to be a very random night..we will go into more detail in a separate blog.

thanksgiving day was cool although it was a little weird not having my brother or my dad around. but we still managed to have a grand ole time.

the weekend is another story...so i will do that in a separate post as well.

overall these last 4 days have been wonderful and relaxing.

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