re: letter to myself

so about 6 months ago i did a letter to myself at a period in my life where things were oh so depressing, so this is just a continuation...don't worry, if you don't understand just go back and read the drama that is my life :o)!

dear me,

how are ya gorgeous? things have been so much better since you decided to let go and let God. sometimes you just have to stop trying to control everything and let things flow naturally. although things haven't been perfect life certainly seems to be on the up and up, right?

i'm loving that new confidence that you are portraying. so many people don't understand the hair issue and how big it was of you to let it go and just do its own thing. its, okay in time they will see the difference. i'm so proud that you are allowing yourself to roam freely without any inhibitions. i love how you don't care what people think and the random stares you get, you are just being the star you were born to be. not everyone has the confidence to be different in this cookie cutter world.

wow, so the love life is so-so...but hey you can't complain. you have a really great guy in your life who accepts you for all your flaws, even though things are not the way you want them, he's a great friend to you without all the extra frosting (;o)). i know you want to find love so badly, just be paitient and it will find you. keep on doing what you are doing, being different and daring and your "prince charming" will find you when you least expect it (i know that sounds cliche but its true).

ah before i forget, stay focused on your dreams and goals. I know sometimes it gets hard because no one believes in your vision, but you can't blame them...everyone has dreams of fame so what makes yours any different. wait a minute, don't answer that...i know what makes yours different...you were born to succeed so your dreams are actual a reality in the making. keep pushing forward and eventually you will reach your shining star.

i'm so proud of you..you have come a long long way since this summer. your confidence is great, you are beautiful in every way. nothing can stop you...stay strong and keep growing.

you have a bright future! speak your destiny into exisitence and never doubt yourself girl, you are a star!

love, me..

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