the law of attraction and healing your life

so i just got done watching oprah. and todays show was about the law of attraction. it's actually a cool concept. basically, if you think positive you will recieve positive results and if you think negative you will receive negative results. also, if you think about something long enough it will eventually become a reality. she also discussed a vision board, which i made like when i was in junior high school for a class project. but basically you put things on the board that you want to happen in your life, for example..future goals, love and relationships, financial goals, places you want to go, things you want to do..etc. and you do this by using images from magazines and pasting them on a poster board. and you just continue to add to it everytime you want to acheive something. it's all about positive energy. she had a couple of authors on their who were inspirational speakers and they were talking about how you can feel your life. pretty much going back to the speaking positive thoughts, and seeing the actions of those thoughts. also there was something in there about healing your life, and thinking about the feeling that you get from the thing you want. for example. if you want a pretty red sports car, instead of constantly wishing you had it, focus on the feeling that you think you will get when you get that car and it will naturally work it's way into your life.
i took a great deal from today's show. if you love yourself unconditionally and treat yourself with respect, you will start to see a difference in your life. it's all about what you give out, not what you pull in. sort of like the whole pay it forward idea.
anyways..i was just rambling. but it was a pretty cool show..very informational and motivating. i've been going through some things lately. but the good thing about me is that i never let anything stress me out and i never complain. so i am learning that along with that i need to put the positive energy back out there in order for things to get better.
check out these titles..
You Can Heal Your LifeBy Louise Hay
The Unmistakable Touch of GraceBy Cheryl Richardson
Steering by StarlightBy Martha Beck

The SecretBy Rhonda Byrne

not sure how long this link will be active..but here's the page on oprah.com.
true story.

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