my dreams.

everyone remembers when they were younger and their teacher asked the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" well for me the answer was always an entertainer. ever since i can remember i have wanted to entertain people. at first i wanted to be a singer and for a while i was making it happen, that is until our group was scammed. that dream slowly fizzled out. then i wanted to be an actress and shine on the big screen. although that is still a small dream of mine, it became my secondary goal. as i got older, i realized that all i want to do is write and share my experiences with people all over the world through film, television and documentries. my future career is to become a screenwriter. i'm in school for film and video production at the moment. right now i am learning how to shoot footage and edit it. as i get further in my studies i will focus more on directing and screenwriting. i have always wanted to be a writer and being that i have a love for film that will never subside i figure what better way to live a life full of bliss! both are things that i love and can't live without.

oh boy, i have the urge to go on more on this topic but it is now 5:45am and i have already chucked out 7 blogs today..and my body is starting to feel tired and my mind is finally starting to slow down. i think i can catch a few hours of sleep before the madness starts up again. but i shall return. :)

nite/g'morning lovebirds.

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