newest pet peeve.

so i just had a random thought cross my mind, in reference to some things that happened friday night. my newest pet peeve, i hate when people say that they have been through worst shit than me. i mean how would they know what my life is like when they have never walked one day in my shoes. people always seem to through that out there when arguments arise. i try my best not to prove them wrong because i'm not a complainer and i don't want to air my dirty laundry.

last night got a little out of hand, but i'm blaming it on the brandy. damn dark liquors. i ended up putting all my business out there now my "friends" have seen me with my guard down, which in turn means they have more ammunition to fire at me when i'm down.

it's quite comical when people who don't know you from jane down the street get into a full blown discussion on how bad you life isn't (did that make sense?). like i was saying you don't know me, so why would you take it upon yourself to make comments like : "your life is peaches and cream compared to mine", "you haven't been through shit", "you are a big baby, you don't know anything about struggling"..etc. i hate that. it's a royal pain in the ass. especially when they are coming from people who think they know you, but obviously have NO clue who you are. i mean these people who consider themselves friends don't call, email, or IM me during the week to see if i'm still breathing. the only time i hear or see them is on the weekend when we are all drunk. sorry boo boo you ain't a friend. shit these are the same people that i ask to support my blogs and things, but none of them read them or watch them.

all i can say is don't assume that you have it worse when you haven't thoroughly evaluated the issue at hand. you don't know me so stop trying to live my life. grrrrrr.

so yes, that is my new pet peeve...i think that makes #3.

previous pet peeves:
people who think they are teaching you something when you clearly are more knowledgeable about the topic than they are.

people who say "i hate black women who wear weaves" but then turn around and say " i love women with long hair". then they top it off with "i love black women who wear their hair natural" but they won't talk to any. freakin make up your mind dude..

there you have it. true story.

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