who needs friends?

lol. the word "friends" makes me laugh. although i have a lot of "friends", i can honestly say that i only have one person..yes ONE person that i would consider my friend. and she's lucky enough to get that title because i've known her the longest and we've been through a lot of things over the years. she's the only one who will actually call me, email me, or text me everyday to make sure that i'm still alive. everyone else..well i don't hear from them until the weekend. when i don't hear from my bff i don't hear from no one. without her i would have no one. i would be completly alone.


sorry i just had a reality check. i can't believe that i have ONE friend. i don't get invited anywhere unless it comes through her. my phone doesn't ring unless it's her. i'm seriously a loner. and ever since friday night when i was drunk and crazy. i haven't talked to her because i think she's mad at me..and i was bothered that she wouldn't let me use her cell phone. when she knows i don't have the money to turn mine back on. but i just feel super alone. like if i stopped talking to her, everyone else would stop talking to me too. shallow on their part i know. but damn that's deep. i can't even be mad at her even if i wanted to because then i would have NO one at all. none of those people who claim they are my friend even check out my myspace to leave me comments or anything. they won't even check me out on youtube. they all suck. but oh well. one day they will regret the fact that they ignore me.

its super hot right now. so i will be back later to finish this one up.

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