self acceptance is key to happiness

so i just read an interesting blog. and it went a lil something like this. men are visual creatures so women over a size 10 should stay home because you will be passed by everytime and so on. now i am a huge advocate for self acceptance and loving the person you are so that just struck a cord with me. being that i have always been full figured and um womanly. i have dealt with this from the time i was 11. i can remember starting junior hs and wanting so badly to be accepted by the people who were "popular". and of course being that i didn't have a sound mind i tried hard to change the person that i was. so i would constantly force myself to throw up so that i could be skinny and be accepted. that continued throughout my school days..up until the time i graduated in 2003. i was always teased about my weight by my family, my friends, strangers and so on. no one truly understands how damaging it is unless you have been a "big girl" in this world. now that i'm 22 and i understand the difference between being heart healthy and skinny i am comfortable in my own skin. and of course i still get teased and picked on because im not a size2 but i'm happy being the size14 that i am. i don't have a problem telling people my size because honestly it doesn't make me who i am. i am comfortable in my skin. i love me. and i have never been happier. of course i still work out and i struggle with the standard of beauty that i don't fit. but its a daily struggle that i am learning to cope with. since i have become more confident in my skin i have not had any problems with getting a man, yes men are visual beings but they are also attracted to a woman with personality and beauty that shines from the inside out. sometimes it is harder for me to deal with the whole image thing when i'm with my friends, being that they are all skinny breezies that look good in everything, i know that im not them so i live my life and not theirs. and i have made huge strides in living a healthier life, i really got serious about working out and lost 25pounds and feel wonderful about it. the funny thing is that the weight..the number on the scale doesn't even mean anything. its the inches you lose. but oh wells. i just know that no matter what size you are, rock it like you are a superstar! so with all that said, i just want people to understand that when you call someone fat or big you are not helping them, you are creating a wound that goes so deep that it will probaly never heal..you are starting something that will affect that person for the rest of their life. so be careful what you say to people..not everyone is in a place where they can handle the judgemental words you throw their way. plus everyone has their own flaws, some are just more noticable than others.
oh yea one more thing i forgot to add..guys need to stop judging girls because the majority of men who do that aren't even good looking. my rule is don't request a 10 when you are only a 2 because it's not gonna happen. be happy with yourself and happy with those who love you. i digress.
check out my video on self acceptance.

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