youtube haters

LOL. i got my first haters on youtube! its like a rite of passage..means i'm getting out to the masses. i love it.


stay blessed and happy.


i can't wait until i get a job. sometimes i think quitting my corporate job was a mistake, but then there are other times that i don't doubt myself. i just hate this lil struggle period. no money. no car. no luxuries. no nothing. i pretty much have to be a pretender and act like i have shit when i really don't. oh well. one day that will change. i just can't wait until i can actually go shopping again and actually walk out the store with merchandise instead of an excuse or when i can go to the nail salon and get my nails done up all pretty. life is hard right now, but i know it will get better...eventually.

i hate job searching. i can never find something that actually interests me. but i guess i can't be too picky in my situation. i think that i'm going to change up my strategy and search for some jobs tonight, instead of depending on this recriuter dude..who aint doing shit but sending me on bum ass interviews.





so today is officially tuesday july 1st. when the hell did time start moving so fast. i swear it was just june 1st a week ago?!? sometimes i feel like if i close my eyes, i might be surprised when i open them only to find that i've aged 40 years. it just helps me remember that life is truly short and that you really have to use each day to its fullest. anyways that aint what i came on here for.

so its been a couple days since the incident on friday and no one has talked to me. kind of sad. but damn they act like killed someone. and they act like their shit don't stank, like they aint never showed they ass when they get drunk off that skunk fluid, ya know. i haven't made any attempt to reach any one either so i guess i can't be too mad. i dunno i just felt like damn, can i get a hi...how are you? do you feel better? what happened friday night? instead i can guarantee you that people were probaly whispering some random ass shit about me. lol these people crack me up.

ooh and another thing i hate. so this chick who shall remain nameless (in the event that she just so happens to stumble upon this blog) pretty much steals every dude that starts liking me. true story. i remember when i first met this one guy, he was super nice and had a lil crush on me..well she was always asking me for his number because he seemed cool...blah blah blah..turns out she got it and now they are the best of friends. wtf?!? whatev. he wasn't all that.

let me stop.