weekend rap up


so this weekend was interesting. i didn't do too much as far as socializing with the locals is concerned. i decided not to go out on friday night because honestly the club scene in seattle is slightly wack...and i have better things to do than stand in a crowded room with no ventilation. saturday night i went out, it was cool...besides the fact that i was sweating like a freaking hog. why is it that these establishments refuse to turn on the air conditioner when they know its 90 degrees outside and they are damn near at the fire code limit?!? blows my mind. nonetheless, i still had lots of fun. i was supposed to go to a bbq today, but i had something else come up so i decided not to go.

i went to this new restaurant...famous daves. it was pretty good. our waiter was super hyper...lol i swear he like popped a pill or something before he came to work.


today was cool.

next weekend i'm supposed to go out for my friends bday. then after that i think i'm taking a break until my birthday.