Wild Out Wednesday

man what a night i had on wednesday. i haven't been out on the scene and had that much to drink in such a long time...i don't even know what was going on in my mind. i kind of started the night off with the mindset of i'm here to have fun and i'm only going to drink a little because i know i have to get my butt to work in the morning. but all that went to hell once i got to seattle. the plus side is that i didn't have to buy my drinks, i was so lucky to strike up conversation with this nice guy who ended up buying me 2 drinks which successfully fucked me up.

after that the nights a blur, lets just say i didn't make it home until 2 in the afternoon on thrusday, which means i didn't make it to work. just to touch a little on why i didn't make it home...well i almost made it home. i got back to my car and my phone was being blown up by the douche bag (eariler post) and of course in my drunken state i fell into his trap and ended up back in seattle...oh man. i'm sitting here having flashbacks which aren't half bad, but still...i'm left asking myself why did i go there AGAIN! as if the last time wasn't enough. i swear if people only knew how many times this has happened...they would be shocked. i think what makes it worse for me is that he is so shady about it. like the first time it happened, it was real random and extremely unexpected. but good enough to go back a second, third, fourth...etc, you get the picture. but its like when we are in the same place things are so awkward, i think its because we know the same people and are run in the same crowds...and people i think want to see how we react to each other. the funny thing is we have this secret code...like we will make eye contact for a few seconds and its within those seconds that we know if we are going to kick it old school or not...i don't really have an issue with him, but i do feel like he has issues. i mean, i think he doesn't want people to know he actually enjoys hanging with me which is weird because there ain't nothing wrong with me...*sigh* ok let me get off this train before i share too much.

waking up in someone else's house after a crazy night of partying is so weird. i just wanted to be at home in my own bed, but i was so far away. the drive to my car was so weird, i couldn't remember anything..just bits and pieces. when i got to my car my windows were down...i must have been really drunk to leave my car in some strange parking garage overnight. lol. when i got home i was bombarded with texts and phone calls about the night before....oh man so random.

so now i might be going on this no drinking for 30 days challenge with the bff but looking at my calendar of events, i'm not so sure that will happen, but hey let's keep hope alive! here's to day 1 of being sober.

Never Again!


Pretty Ricky and Sexy Spec?

I know this is a couple days old but in the blog world that is like YEARS lol. I'm just getting around to commenting on ole dude from Pretty Ricky (posting the vid below if you haven't seen it). Now i'm all for a sexy dance but Spectacular that was a little much, don't ya think? You guys watch the video and tell me what you think...lol. I must say that i love the song, which i guess means he succeeded in promoting his single "Tipsy", it will be on heavy rotation on the iPod. He took one for the team, but my only question is what was he expecting to get back from Chris, Bow Wow, Trey, and the rest of the MEN that he challenged?!?

My fave part of the video is the first twirl...haha PRICELESS!

I'm ashamed that he can work his hips better than me...hahahaha this boy is too much, but smart because I bet his single will hit the top!

update on my weight loss journey

so part of the reason that i've been MIA is that i have been working out hard in the gym...seriously like every day. its crazy but oh so worth it. i started on May 1st, i have invested in a personal trainer and the body bug...which work very well together. even though i haven't had a tremendous loss in weight i feel healthier, i have a better understanding of my eating habits and how those calories affect my progress. so far i have lost 10 pounds, which is by no means a fail...at first i felt like i wasn't working out hard enough, but honestly i'm on target...and i'm learning as i lose which i had never done before. before i would hit the gym for hours and not eat at all...i would drop 20 pounds in a couple weeks and then put it right back on a month later. this time i'm making a life change and like my favorite saying goes "slow and steady wins the race".

it hasn't been easy. let me tell you chile i started out strong in week one, i lost my first 10 pounds that week, during week 2 it was mothers day and my brothers birthday so i had SO much food and i got lazy that week, i didn't work out for 4 days and you guessed it, i put back on every pound. so week 3 was like starting all over again, but i pushed myself harder that week...i started jogging outside and hitting the gym so i was able to drop those 10 pounds, and this week has been a success as well.

i am really finding it easy to gain motivation from situations that have occurred in the past week or so..

my trainer is great, i see him a couple times a week and he finds ways to keep my interested. i love having someone dedicated to my success. and i love my body bug, although i have to wear it all the time and it can sometimes be noticeable, i like being able to see how many calories i burn throughout the day and compare those to the calories that i am consuming. it definitely helps with making better choices when i eat.

i'm trying to get right for my vegas birthday extravaganza!! i whole heartedly believe that i will make it to my goal weight, it makes me excited to think about what i will look like and the things that i will finally be able to wear. its a great feeling to be able to believe in your future and in yourself.

Happy Friday...Grrr I hate douche bags!

First of I want to start by saying that it is a lovely sunny Friday here in Seattle *gasps* I know shocking, right? So despite my angry emotions in this blog I am very happy today...just dealing with a total asshat...its annoying. So this is kind of a letter to this guy...who i know i shouldn't even be dedicating a blog too...but whatever here's his 15min in the spotlight...lol

Dear ________,

I don't care that I didn't get invited to your stupid birthday, I don't even care that you told me things and then acted differently when you saw me a week later, I'm content knowing that you are just a confused little boy who has lost his way and is struggling to find it back to the top. But what does annoy the hell out of me is the fact that you can say the nicest things to me and then i see you at the club and you completly ignore me. I looked like a fool walking up to you because i "thought" we were friends waving and saying hi...and you just turned your head...like i was a groupie or something. I guess all that talk of you looking like people that you will never be went to your head...you are so lame.


I feel sorry for you. but i feel more sorry for myself because i actually believed that you were a nice guy but man was i wrong. Our "friendship" started in the weirdest way...and for some off reason I thought that you would take it for what it was man up and not obsess over the few times that we shared...because i certainly took it for what it was and never went any further than that. but i guess some people just can't get past the immature shit.

but hey it's a lesson learned because i'm mature and not stuck on stupid. i know when someone is blowing me off and shutting me out...its okay although i do not understand your method or reasoning.

its whatever.

honestly you are not worth my time or energy and i am officially over your wannabe ass...*sigh* i digress.


Monday: Quick-ster...Stay Tuned

Ok guys, I'm so sorry I've been MIA for a couple weeks now. Just been running around like crazy but I do have some stories/thoughts that I want to share regarding some things that have happened in the last couple weeks or so....stay tuned! I'm guessing that I will have a few blogs posted over the next couple days, so you will have lots to read and comment on, yay!

Thx and I promise to never leave this long again. =)

Happy Monday!



What Were They Thinking?

Okay, now I'm sure that some of you may have already seen this video but man this is gross and I had to post it and do a response...this is why i try my hardest to stay away from fast food restaurants!

Now after watching that doesn't it give you a whole new sense of motivation? I never worked in the fast food industry but i've heard several stories from friends that have and it grosses me out every time i think of the things i've been told. every time i order food from a fast food joint i always make sure that i am watching every thing they do, i try to go inside at all costs, and i try to stick to things that don't require a lot of handling. in all honesty the best thing to do is to stay away from these places all together and start eating healthier food that you prepare at home.

I'm so disgusted, who raised this people? i'm happy they were fired, but i'm sure they will be at another fast food place in no time. now please don't confuse this with restaurants where people actually care about their jobs and have chosen to be a chef as a career. these 2 idiots have no respect for themselves nor anyone else for that matter.

Ewww. I'm done.


i hate Mondays =o(


*whew* sorry had to get that out, well its Monday and what a busy day it has been. I got to work and literally hit the ground running and I haven't stopped yet. i feel so unaccomplished today (is that even a word?) *sigh* it was like email after friggin email, nonstop..and then to make matters worse my manager had me brain storming ice breaker games for our teams all hands meeting and i came up with a survivor theme and some way some how she volunteered me to make a powerpoint deck and bring in some of my films that i've been working on...WTH! and guess when she wants this done, uh huh tomorrow! hah, no way in heck is that going to happen but i'ma try my hardest. i also have to set up 2 more morale events and do setup about 15 meetings that came in over the weekend by tomorrow...you should see me know there are tears running down my cheeks (not really, but hey can a girl get a little sympathy?) Oh my I even had a yawning "attack" today, i was seriously yawning every 5minutes, SO embarassing. and guess what it snowed today and then it rained, why is it so gray in seattle?


okay well its 4:52PM and i'm out of here at 5...i have to head to school and drop by the studio afterwards to pick up some assignments...oh the life of a girl named tayshia starr...

I hope your monday was as eventful as mine =o)



Happy Easter...things never go as planned

So in an earlier post titled "Another Shot at Love w/Tayshia Starr" I gave a little insight into my dating life...well I'm totally feeling like I got blown off. So today I was supposed to hang out with the navy guy, yes I know it's easter but this year my mom decided that she was going to move the holiday to the coming weekend because my brother will be back in town (my brother is in the marines and missed a couple holidays last year) so we weren't doing anything as far as family goes so I cleared out my entire day. Then I get a text at 8 something this morning saying that he has to work today and that he was really upset that he couldn't see me...um i smell bullsheezy, do you?

I mean I understand that some people actually do have to work on Easter but this guy has had the same excuse literally every weekend for the last 3 weeks or so. And what is making this such a confusing situation is that HE is initiating this, every time I get a call from him asking me if I want to go on a date and I accept because I don't really go out as much as I use to so I don't mind...then it's like on the day that he has planned things for us to do he will text me and tell me that he has to work and that he will reschedule for the following weekend. I am an understanding chick so I don't jump to conclusions, I just tell him that I understand and that we will work something out. But its getting a little out of hand now. I'm just feeling like he is blowing me off, but I don't understand how someone can say they want to get to know you on a serious level, make dates with you, call you throughout the week, only to cancel with you the day of the date. WTFH? how does that work? BLAH. So this morning I didn't even respond to his text, I don't want to give him the satisfaction and I want it to be clear that I'm not feeling this game he's playing with my emotions.

*le sigh*

We will see where this goes, probably not far at the rate that it's going now...

Happy Easter!

Britney vs. Beyonce

Okay, here is my recap of the Britney experience...so the Pussycat Dolls were her opening act, I missed most of their performance because finding parking was a beezy. I came in right as they were singing "Stick Wit U" (the only song I like from them), about 10 minutes later the Circus started and it was literally like watching a circus...there were Cirque Du Soliel acts and all kinds of craziness. Maybe 20-30 minutes of that none sense Ms Spears came out. When I first saw her I wanted to scream but as she started moving around the stage my enthusiasm went right out the door. Its weird I love Britney, what I saw wasn't the Britney I love...I'm all about the "Oops I Did it Again, Lucky, Stronger" Britney. The majority of her performance was from her Circus and Blackout albums, towards the end of the set she did the crowd faves, "(Hit Me Baby)One More Time, Toxic, I'm a Slave 4U, Everytime, and Me Against the Music". Her portion felt so rushed, even though it lasted about an hour and a half. Right after she performed a song she would run off stage for 10 minutes doing what I'm guessed was a costume change. She literally only talked to us 3 times, she felt so disconnected from her audience. She performed 2 songs before she yelled "What's Up Tacoma", which irritated me because she should have said Seattle being that's the major city that she was visiting...I mean I understand you are performing at the Tacoma Dome but that's not the city. Anyways, for me the concert was a "performance" not a concert. She barely danced, most of it was her backup dancers (they are all pretty hot) and she kind of floated around doing her signature moves. She lip synced the entire show, which I expected but man not to that extent.

I love Britney because she is a performer and I knew that when I sat down in the arena, but she didn't make me feel like she wanted me there, she didn't keep me entertained. It was like watching her on tv performing at an awards show or something. I had fun, but I felt she could have done SO much more with her show and her audience. I mean her tickets were expensive, from $100 - $500 so I think we deserved more interaction.

Now Beyonce on the other hand did wonderful, she is a performer and a she enjoys what she is doing, that is very apparent. I went to her concert on 4/1/09 and she really connected with the audience, she didn't act like it was just a pay check, ya know. She didn't go through a million costume changes like Britney did. She actually danced and sang her songs. She touched her fans, she talked to us throughout the entire show and she performed for 2 hours...it was great. And she performed a wide range of songs, she did songs from all her albums, and she even did songs from Destiny's Child, funny how she is the only one who can actually pull that off. Hah, I love Beyonce!

So if you were thinking about catching either Britney or Beyonce's concerts I would suggest going to see Beyonce because you will leave feeling satisfied and feeling like you spent your money wisely. If you want to see a Circus show then go spend the money for Britney.

Just my 2cents.


Happy Friday! I will be posting about last nite later today.