freaking friends...yea right...lol so comical!

lol...people crack me up with their fakeness.

true story...so i'm getting ready for a fun filled saturday night, but of course since i don't really have dependable transportation for the time being i have to consider peoples feelings when i ask for rides and whatnot. so i'm all dressed, hair and makeup done ready to go, when i get a phone call...during this conversation the person on the other end who is supposed to be my "bff" (not sure about all of that, but whateva) is like rushing me and giving me this lil attitude. i was constantly telling her that i had no idea when i would be on my way because i had to wait on my dad to get his stuff together before we left...now please keep in mind that it is only 7:45ish at this time...so shes telling me how shes getting impatient, so i told her that if she didnt feel like waiting to just leave, since she was acting like she was going to miss out on something if she didnt leave right that second. and then the next words she said to me kinda sealed the deal for me...she says to me "well have fun sitting at home" and then she hangs up. now at first i was kinda shocked because i didn't expect my so called best friend to do some scandalous shit like that...and then two seconds later tears started falling out my eyes because i realized how little she really cared, and it hurt my feelings. after crying for like 5 minutes i was over it...i'm like whatever trick.

moral of the story.
don't treat your closest friend like crap just because you want to go run behind other people. watch what you say to people because you never know how they will consume those words.

seriously i probaly would have been at her house within 30 mins of that convo, but she was so impatient that it wouldn't have mattered. but i learn from situations like these... and that my friends is why i don't ask people for help and i don't ask people for anything else because they always flip on you and show their true colors. i just hope that it was all worth it because my feelings were most defenitley hurt and over a few minutes of time that she could have waited. if it were me, i would have waited for her and just met up with the others. its still early, things would have evened out. and i would have never said to her "have fun sitting at home". that was just low down. but i guess i value my friendships a lil more than she does.

now i remember why i always say i don't have friends...lmao...

i just think that it's important to treat people with kindness no matter what because today could be my last day on earth and the last words she would have said to me would have been rude and inconsiderate. then she would have felt bad because all she had to do was wait a lil more...but she couldn't do that. life is too short for some BS like that...blah

oh well...you live and you learn.