Happy Hump Day!

*at the top of my lungs* ahhhhhhhhhhhh


no that i got that out of the way, i'm SO happy its Wednesday! although i'm super tired, but i know exactly why. i decided to randomly stay up to almost 3am on monday and my body hasn't had the chance to catch up, so now i'm just dragging behind. it really sucks because i can't focus on my work. :0( and today i actually have a lot of things to get done, so its like i kind of need to focus. I just need to have a conversation with someone to kind of snap some energy back into me. i thought texting would do the trick but nope, too slow and not interactive enough. heck, my usual fix of IM'ing ain't even working. I feel so unhealthy today, I so had some planters peanuts, a bag of skittles, and a diet pepsi for my "lunch" today. I know, don't even say it...i can tell that by now you are shaking your head at the computer screen in disgust. times are hard man and all i could muster up was $1.85, lol. i guess i shouldn't have been overindulging on lunch early this week...hehe. its okay once i get home i'm heading straight to the food box to get me some grub, good healthy grub ;o).

so i noticed while reading over my blog that i have so many typos, but its okay...you guys don't mind, do you? lol i hope not cause i'm not going to fix them harharhar!

*sigh* life is a trip sometimes ain't it. but i can't complain. i'm happy for the most part, but trying to find a career changing job ain't easy in the emerald city. now don't get me wrong i enjoy what i'm doing now and it is very temporary because i have NO future interest in this type of work...but i figure that if i'm really going to be aligned with my 2yr plan i need to start working at some media outlets; the raido, tv/news stations, marketing companies...etc. i really need to be somewhere where my creative juices never run dry and where i'm constantly on the move. job searching is exhausting...thats why i enjoy other people doing it for me;i.e. my recruiters. :o)

I feel super rough today, i hate that i don't wake up in enough time to do my hair and makeup at home. i wish that i could just get up at least an hour earlier...ok maybe 30 min earlier so i could actually do my hair at least at home. it makes a huge difference when you come to work ready. at the moment my current routine is waking up at 6:45 (i'm really supposed to be up at 5:30a) running to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth...by the time i'm done its 7a, and i have to find something to wear, put it on and get out the house by 7:15am...and when i get to work naked face and all i sit in the garage and do my eye makeup and just pull my hair back and i call it a day. its so not cool. i want to be done up and ready when i get here.

blah...time to get to work.