Happy Easter...things never go as planned

So in an earlier post titled "Another Shot at Love w/Tayshia Starr" I gave a little insight into my dating life...well I'm totally feeling like I got blown off. So today I was supposed to hang out with the navy guy, yes I know it's easter but this year my mom decided that she was going to move the holiday to the coming weekend because my brother will be back in town (my brother is in the marines and missed a couple holidays last year) so we weren't doing anything as far as family goes so I cleared out my entire day. Then I get a text at 8 something this morning saying that he has to work today and that he was really upset that he couldn't see me...um i smell bullsheezy, do you?

I mean I understand that some people actually do have to work on Easter but this guy has had the same excuse literally every weekend for the last 3 weeks or so. And what is making this such a confusing situation is that HE is initiating this, every time I get a call from him asking me if I want to go on a date and I accept because I don't really go out as much as I use to so I don't mind...then it's like on the day that he has planned things for us to do he will text me and tell me that he has to work and that he will reschedule for the following weekend. I am an understanding chick so I don't jump to conclusions, I just tell him that I understand and that we will work something out. But its getting a little out of hand now. I'm just feeling like he is blowing me off, but I don't understand how someone can say they want to get to know you on a serious level, make dates with you, call you throughout the week, only to cancel with you the day of the date. WTFH? how does that work? BLAH. So this morning I didn't even respond to his text, I don't want to give him the satisfaction and I want it to be clear that I'm not feeling this game he's playing with my emotions.

*le sigh*

We will see where this goes, probably not far at the rate that it's going now...

Happy Easter!

Britney vs. Beyonce

Okay, here is my recap of the Britney experience...so the Pussycat Dolls were her opening act, I missed most of their performance because finding parking was a beezy. I came in right as they were singing "Stick Wit U" (the only song I like from them), about 10 minutes later the Circus started and it was literally like watching a circus...there were Cirque Du Soliel acts and all kinds of craziness. Maybe 20-30 minutes of that none sense Ms Spears came out. When I first saw her I wanted to scream but as she started moving around the stage my enthusiasm went right out the door. Its weird I love Britney, what I saw wasn't the Britney I love...I'm all about the "Oops I Did it Again, Lucky, Stronger" Britney. The majority of her performance was from her Circus and Blackout albums, towards the end of the set she did the crowd faves, "(Hit Me Baby)One More Time, Toxic, I'm a Slave 4U, Everytime, and Me Against the Music". Her portion felt so rushed, even though it lasted about an hour and a half. Right after she performed a song she would run off stage for 10 minutes doing what I'm guessed was a costume change. She literally only talked to us 3 times, she felt so disconnected from her audience. She performed 2 songs before she yelled "What's Up Tacoma", which irritated me because she should have said Seattle being that's the major city that she was visiting...I mean I understand you are performing at the Tacoma Dome but that's not the city. Anyways, for me the concert was a "performance" not a concert. She barely danced, most of it was her backup dancers (they are all pretty hot) and she kind of floated around doing her signature moves. She lip synced the entire show, which I expected but man not to that extent.

I love Britney because she is a performer and I knew that when I sat down in the arena, but she didn't make me feel like she wanted me there, she didn't keep me entertained. It was like watching her on tv performing at an awards show or something. I had fun, but I felt she could have done SO much more with her show and her audience. I mean her tickets were expensive, from $100 - $500 so I think we deserved more interaction.

Now Beyonce on the other hand did wonderful, she is a performer and a she enjoys what she is doing, that is very apparent. I went to her concert on 4/1/09 and she really connected with the audience, she didn't act like it was just a pay check, ya know. She didn't go through a million costume changes like Britney did. She actually danced and sang her songs. She touched her fans, she talked to us throughout the entire show and she performed for 2 hours...it was great. And she performed a wide range of songs, she did songs from all her albums, and she even did songs from Destiny's Child, funny how she is the only one who can actually pull that off. Hah, I love Beyonce!

So if you were thinking about catching either Britney or Beyonce's concerts I would suggest going to see Beyonce because you will leave feeling satisfied and feeling like you spent your money wisely. If you want to see a Circus show then go spend the money for Britney.

Just my 2cents.