Random Tuesdays

today has been so random so far, like i woke up all energized singing that damn Flo Rida song Ayer. LOL picture me at the gas station, dancing to that song literally putting my hands in the "ayer ay ayer". Then I like get on the freeway to the beautifulness of no traffic! it was crazy because I left super late and I still got to work around the same time i do when I leave at 7:30, it was crazy. Then when i got to work i had to bust out laughing because I was thinking about my friend, lets call him George..he does these impressions of everyone in our crew and one in particular is just super hilarious. So I was like sitting in the car trying to recreate the moment...ahh it was too funny.

Now I'm like sitting in my office trying to debate if lunch is really that important, its raining cats and dogs outside...do I really want to walk to another building to get food or am I content chilling in my office until i go home? Damn that helped...i'm not about to walk in the rain...

OOH so i have a story from the weekend that will be continued in the next post...so read read read my luvs.