what a weekend!

woohoo! okay so the weekend is winding down, and i must say that it has been a great one. although we went to the same place twice, it was still fun. i love birthdays and i was happy that i am able to celebrate a birthday with my friends. its great, i believe there is one more birthday before mine, but i may be mistaken. i want my bday to be an event...but we will see how that goes. shit i still have 2 months (roughly) to get into shape. i'm trying to be hella bomb on my 23rd. lol, i'm cute now, but i want to be a dime...i'm like a 7.5, so i need to step my game up...okaaaaay! so the weekend was great, i loved it. now i'm looking forward to the coming week, i have a few interviews...yay for that. i'm always game for making more money, ya dig. no complaining there. so that makes me smile, i don't know but i have a phone interview on monday, lol it was orginaly scheduled for last monday but when the lady called i heard it, but i didn't like wake up to answer it...so she rescheduled. so i'm sure i will nail one of those jobs...

i'm so sleepy and slightly intoxicated. but i'm not drunk, birthday boy on the other hand...he was real juiced...lol he tried to race the car..i love steven, but he cracks me up when he's drunk...its great. i love my friends, they really are the best, all of them are fun and have a certain quality about them. they are like mini celebrities...its great.

real sleepy, but i feel like i have stuff to say.

i wanted to dance tonight because i wore the right shoes, but i didn't have a dancing partner.

grrr, this boy is so dumb, he makes me mad and he's uber confusing...one minute he's mad at me and telling me i'm on his enemy list and the next day he's trying to be nice to me. damn i miss him though, he's like the first guy that i actually dated hardcore right after me and michael split.

so tonite made me realize how much i actual do wish i had a boo. like i don't want to commit to anyone right now, but i wouldn't mind having an option, ya know. like having someone that i'm talking to...but not with. not a booty call, but just a boo. i don't want a man until my life is at a stable point and i'm somewhat working in my career, but i want to be like dating someone who practically would be my man, just not confirmed type of thing....its confusing but i know what i want...its just hard to find it. like when i go out i get hit on by every guy but the one that i want...like tonight i got hit on by an asian guy, he was cute, but not my type and the night before i got hit on by this white dude...he bought me a drink but he was mos def not for me. oh wells, in time.

ok i'm outro...i'm literally falling asleep at the keys.