kick rocks! another weekend at home...blah

blah...another night at home. i hate this, like seriously when will it be my turn to have fun. i haven't like been out hardcore in like 4 weeks, lately its like every weekend i end up going out one night or i don't go out at all. so many varibles lead up to this madness. this is like the one thing that drives me insane. i am not a homebody, i am a social outgoing person and i need to be around people. i just feel like after a long hard week its nice to be able to reward yourself with a fun filled crazy weekend. and i'm sad to say that i've not had that in so long...and it's like i'm really not going to be doing anything next weekend either...so i don't know...looks like i will be stuck at home until my birthday which is like a month away...oh wells. this is the story of my life.

one more thing, its not the fact that i'm not out with my friends having fun that is bugging me right now, its more or less the fact that i was so close and got sidetracked. i understand that family comes first, but if my mom would have told us that we were going to have to pick up my youngest brother from football practice in advance i would have been better prepared. but since she waited until we were literally walking out the door it screwed everything up. then when i asked my other brother if i could borrow his car to get to my destination all hell breaks loose. i guess it just wasn't in the stars for me to go out again.

i'm off to bed, maybe i can have a fab dream of me partying it up like i used too...

nite nite