Random Thursdays

Its Thursday, say whaaat?

Welcome to my new readers :)

So tomorrow my brother comes back home, he randomly decided to join the marines and just went through 3 months of intensive basic training. So it's cool because he will be here through christmas. My other brother and my mom went down to Californ-I-A to go to his graduation and fly him back up. And my brother sent a pic of what the new marine looks like, OMFG is he skinny and dark. It's crazy how 3 months can change a person. Heck I'm just picturing what I would look like if I went through 3 months of marine bootcamp. *daydreaming* yea, wouldn't that be a sight to see.

Now to the more juicy topics that you've all been waiting for. (just kidding) Not that i want to put my relationship with mystery man out there, but its good to get out my feelings. So recently things have been going well with him despite the minor hiccups along the way. But honestly I'm just not sure if he is someone I should be pursuing as hard as I am. I know for sure that there is something there, but he is so confusing and its been going on for so long. I'm just ready for him to be like "taisha starr, would you be my girlfriend" lol. that would be bomb dot com, but in my reality that would never happen. So i'm just in this stage of waiting for him to get his thoughts together. the only reason i haven't given up on him is because i don't want to lose him as a friend, he is a very special person to me so its like if we can't be together then i will take the friendship as a consolation prize.

OMG, so I have a new stalker. Its riDONKulous! So this guy has been around since like the summer of 06, i think..wow thats a long time. anyways, he started out being somewhat of a french tutor. anyone who knows me knows that i am totally obsessed with everything FRENCH! So he was cool at first, his first language is french so he was just kind of helping me tone up some things. then it turned into him being obsessed with me and now its like borderline crazy scary stalker. so like he used to work at my company but then he quit and then i left for school and blah blah but now i'm back and today he calls me and tells me that hes back too! i'm like OMG now you can just like look up my info and come to my office anytime you want...AHHHHHHHHHHH so yea, i'm now looking for a new job.

OMG stay tuned for my next post about people and how they are so oblivious to when they are wrong.