What Were They Thinking?

Okay, now I'm sure that some of you may have already seen this video but man this is gross and I had to post it and do a response...this is why i try my hardest to stay away from fast food restaurants!

Now after watching that doesn't it give you a whole new sense of motivation? I never worked in the fast food industry but i've heard several stories from friends that have and it grosses me out every time i think of the things i've been told. every time i order food from a fast food joint i always make sure that i am watching every thing they do, i try to go inside at all costs, and i try to stick to things that don't require a lot of handling. in all honesty the best thing to do is to stay away from these places all together and start eating healthier food that you prepare at home.

I'm so disgusted, who raised this people? i'm happy they were fired, but i'm sure they will be at another fast food place in no time. now please don't confuse this with restaurants where people actually care about their jobs and have chosen to be a chef as a career. these 2 idiots have no respect for themselves nor anyone else for that matter.

Ewww. I'm done.