can you tell the difference?

ok, so i'm somewhat annoyed in the sense that their are some super judgemental people in this world. so i'm watching my youtube videos like i normally do, and i visit one of my faves. he is very controversial but he discusses problems in the black community and specifically within in black American women. now at first when i started watching his vids i was offended and felt like he was generalizing all black women as thug lovin, baby havin, welfare, ignorant, uneducated, weave wearing hoes. there were so many times when i wanted to call him out and tell him a little peice of my mind. but the more i listened to him the more i understood that he wasn't making a generalization...he was talking about those specific black women who carried those traits. so my anger went away and my ears and eyes opened wide. i was able to consciously observe the things that he noted in his videos and was able to make small changes in my everyday life . so i'm on his page today and i was looking at his favorites and he had this video up that was about the difference between american black women and east african black women. the video was mixture of black american women who were shakin their asses on camera and talking foul to people and the east african black women being pleasant and respectful singing love songs like little angels. and at the end of the video, the quote was can you see the difference between the two as well as the difference in music that black and african women listen too. now this wouldn't normally bother me but the only reason it did was because he only showed the negative side to black american women. now i know that there are some scandalous african women out there, he just didn't take the time to find those vids. i mean look at miss angel lola luv, she is Ethiopian, and her assets are plastered all over black men magazines. but i digress.

peep the link to the video: