i hate Mondays =o(


*whew* sorry had to get that out, well its Monday and what a busy day it has been. I got to work and literally hit the ground running and I haven't stopped yet. i feel so unaccomplished today (is that even a word?) *sigh* it was like email after friggin email, nonstop..and then to make matters worse my manager had me brain storming ice breaker games for our teams all hands meeting and i came up with a survivor theme and some way some how she volunteered me to make a powerpoint deck and bring in some of my films that i've been working on...WTH! and guess when she wants this done, uh huh tomorrow! hah, no way in heck is that going to happen but i'ma try my hardest. i also have to set up 2 more morale events and do setup about 15 meetings that came in over the weekend by tomorrow...you should see me know there are tears running down my cheeks (not really, but hey can a girl get a little sympathy?) Oh my I even had a yawning "attack" today, i was seriously yawning every 5minutes, SO embarassing. and guess what it snowed today and then it rained, why is it so gray in seattle?


okay well its 4:52PM and i'm out of here at 5...i have to head to school and drop by the studio afterwards to pick up some assignments...oh the life of a girl named tayshia starr...

I hope your monday was as eventful as mine =o)