ok this may be a little TMI, but this celibacy thing is mad crazy. everytime i decide to not have sex, i always hit like the 2 month mark and lose my damn mind. like i start seriously feening and having mad sexually explict dreams...lol. but i'm very strong minded, so i know i can do it. i've went half a year without it before so i know i can do this. i'm just not trying to be a statistic ya know...i'd rather not have sex than catch some random uncurable diesease. plus i'm trying to keep my number down...i ain't trying to run up the milege on my luxury vehicle...wink wink.

haha im outro

its the weekend!

i'm so excited it's Friday! and it's a new month, its August already...hawt damn. this year has literally flew by. it feels like it just started but its already more than half way over. i can't help but notice how fast time is flying. but in any case i'm just happy that it's the weekend, i'm really looking forward to this weekend. i'm hoping that it lives up to my expectations because i would be super upset if i ended up having a crappy weekend since i'm all full of energy. i'm looking forward to later today...i'm going up to the mountain again to do some hiking and then its to the mall to meet up with my sister from another mother, and then hopefully we are going out at night. then saturday is my friends bday and i believe there is going to be a little party in his honor, so that should be exciting. sundays are my recovery days, so i have nothing planned. i just feel like getting dressed up and pretty and going out and having a grand ol time. i feel like a total alchy because i'm like wanting to get drunk...how sad is that. like i just want to be faded all weekend...lol i know i know that sounds horrible.

well happy freaking friday!