He did what?

wow, so i just read the oddest story on my local news site. apparently early yesterday (monday) morning (12AM) a 24 year old man killed himself in a movie theater while watching the movie Watchmen. There were at least 10 other people in the theater at the time he allegedly shot himself.

My first thought after reading this was, how did he get a gun into the theater? and then i quickly flash backed to the 100's of times that i have snuck food and drinks into the theater...its easy. there is no one standing there checking you to make sure you have something illegal under your clothes. its scary. i go to the movies a lot, about once a week and i'm just thinking that he could have been deranged enough to take out innocent people with him...i mean he could have literally shot all 10 or at least a few of those people before turning the gun on himself. the movie theater is a place where i take refuge and dive into another world, i can express my emotions and feel whats going on in front of me...now i have to worry about people who may want to harm others bringing weapons into the theater?

please post your thoughts on this.

its sad that he felt that he had nothing else to live for...i mean he was still so young but who knows what kind of secrets he was holding inside. like they say secrets can kill.

do you think that public venues need to do security checks now? how will this affect your movie going experience?

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Vermont legalizes gay marragies

before i went to bed last night the last story that i heard on the news was that of Vermont lawmakers legalizing gay marriage. now i have always been pro choice on many issues, and i have always felt like gay couples should be treated as any hetero couple so when i heard the news i was happy. but then i found out that only 3 other states have passed a bill that allows gay marriage to happen (Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Iowa)and that burst my bubble. Why is it that these types of things have to go through a long, dreadful process? why do people make such a big deal on whether or not 2 people of the same sex can get married? if they can make the Plan B drug legal without a prescription for 17 year olds then they can easily pass a bill that allows gay unions in all 50 states. i understand that some people may feel like it is morally wrong and a sin, but we are living in 2009 and there are sins way worse being committed every second, so these people should be allowed to marry just like the rest of us. i've heard this saying so many times, everyone has one soul mate in life so if you are lucky enough to find yours then hold on to them tight and never let go (i changed it up a bit, but you get the idea), so does that only apply to straight heterosexual people? are we not all equal? are we not all human beings that have the ability to love what we find attractive in this "free" country?

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Congrats Vermont and to all of the people who are able to marry their soul mate!

Married at 21 - Love or Lust

so i was perusing myspace and happened to come across the page of a "friend" and found out that she just got married! now you may be sitting there thinking, okay congrats to her, so what? well heres the catch, she just met this guy in january of this year...well she found him, she didn't actually meet him until late february. the story behind it is that she met him online on one of the many dating sites (which I am personally boycotting) he lived in a different state and is in the military, i'm assuming they talked reguarly and she eventually decided that he was worth the trouble so she flew down to texas to get some face time. they ended up doing the deed and she came back ecstatic and saying that she was in love with this guy and that they had planned on getting married as soon as he moved up here (he was stationed up here at the army base). and now they are married, in a mere 3 months of knowing each other.

i'm not critizing their judgement, i mean they are both very young and if they feel love is in the air then hey who am i to judge. i've heard of people falling in "love" and moving very fast to seal the deal. i was talking to a friend and she said that she would have to be with a person for at least 2 yrs before she married them, but for me i'm more of the wait 6mo to a year. i don't believe that you can learn everything you need to know about a person in 3mo, you need to live with them, spend ample time with them, get to know both families and friends, you have to learn their habits good and bad; i mean there really is a lot to learn before making those vows. I feel like in this case it may be a case of lust which people often mistake as love especially in the younger years...i wouldn't be surprised if infidelity became a problem.

how do you feel about rushed marriges? do you think there is a bit of insecurity that is being covered up? can these types of marriges last and stand strong in these times? how do young (and i mean 18 -23) newlyweds stay loyal and happy?

share your thoughts.