Pretty Ricky and Sexy Spec?

I know this is a couple days old but in the blog world that is like YEARS lol. I'm just getting around to commenting on ole dude from Pretty Ricky (posting the vid below if you haven't seen it). Now i'm all for a sexy dance but Spectacular that was a little much, don't ya think? You guys watch the video and tell me what you think...lol. I must say that i love the song, which i guess means he succeeded in promoting his single "Tipsy", it will be on heavy rotation on the iPod. He took one for the team, but my only question is what was he expecting to get back from Chris, Bow Wow, Trey, and the rest of the MEN that he challenged?!?

My fave part of the video is the first twirl...haha PRICELESS!

I'm ashamed that he can work his hips better than me...hahahaha this boy is too much, but smart because I bet his single will hit the top!

update on my weight loss journey

so part of the reason that i've been MIA is that i have been working out hard in the gym...seriously like every day. its crazy but oh so worth it. i started on May 1st, i have invested in a personal trainer and the body bug...which work very well together. even though i haven't had a tremendous loss in weight i feel healthier, i have a better understanding of my eating habits and how those calories affect my progress. so far i have lost 10 pounds, which is by no means a fail...at first i felt like i wasn't working out hard enough, but honestly i'm on target...and i'm learning as i lose which i had never done before. before i would hit the gym for hours and not eat at all...i would drop 20 pounds in a couple weeks and then put it right back on a month later. this time i'm making a life change and like my favorite saying goes "slow and steady wins the race".

it hasn't been easy. let me tell you chile i started out strong in week one, i lost my first 10 pounds that week, during week 2 it was mothers day and my brothers birthday so i had SO much food and i got lazy that week, i didn't work out for 4 days and you guessed it, i put back on every pound. so week 3 was like starting all over again, but i pushed myself harder that week...i started jogging outside and hitting the gym so i was able to drop those 10 pounds, and this week has been a success as well.

i am really finding it easy to gain motivation from situations that have occurred in the past week or so..

my trainer is great, i see him a couple times a week and he finds ways to keep my interested. i love having someone dedicated to my success. and i love my body bug, although i have to wear it all the time and it can sometimes be noticeable, i like being able to see how many calories i burn throughout the day and compare those to the calories that i am consuming. it definitely helps with making better choices when i eat.

i'm trying to get right for my vegas birthday extravaganza!! i whole heartedly believe that i will make it to my goal weight, it makes me excited to think about what i will look like and the things that i will finally be able to wear. its a great feeling to be able to believe in your future and in yourself.

Happy Friday...Grrr I hate douche bags!

First of I want to start by saying that it is a lovely sunny Friday here in Seattle *gasps* I know shocking, right? So despite my angry emotions in this blog I am very happy today...just dealing with a total asshat...its annoying. So this is kind of a letter to this guy...who i know i shouldn't even be dedicating a blog too...but whatever here's his 15min in the spotlight...lol

Dear ________,

I don't care that I didn't get invited to your stupid birthday, I don't even care that you told me things and then acted differently when you saw me a week later, I'm content knowing that you are just a confused little boy who has lost his way and is struggling to find it back to the top. But what does annoy the hell out of me is the fact that you can say the nicest things to me and then i see you at the club and you completly ignore me. I looked like a fool walking up to you because i "thought" we were friends waving and saying hi...and you just turned your head...like i was a groupie or something. I guess all that talk of you looking like people that you will never be went to your head...you are so lame.


I feel sorry for you. but i feel more sorry for myself because i actually believed that you were a nice guy but man was i wrong. Our "friendship" started in the weirdest way...and for some off reason I thought that you would take it for what it was man up and not obsess over the few times that we shared...because i certainly took it for what it was and never went any further than that. but i guess some people just can't get past the immature shit.

but hey it's a lesson learned because i'm mature and not stuck on stupid. i know when someone is blowing me off and shutting me out...its okay although i do not understand your method or reasoning.

its whatever.

honestly you are not worth my time or energy and i am officially over your wannabe ass...*sigh* i digress.


Monday: Quick-ster...Stay Tuned

Ok guys, I'm so sorry I've been MIA for a couple weeks now. Just been running around like crazy but I do have some stories/thoughts that I want to share regarding some things that have happened in the last couple weeks or so....stay tuned! I'm guessing that I will have a few blogs posted over the next couple days, so you will have lots to read and comment on, yay!

Thx and I promise to never leave this long again. =)

Happy Monday!