Road Rage

as i was sitting here trying to focus my energy into finishing up my work, hah yes i do have an actual job, betcha wouldn't be able to tell the way i post...lol. anyways, as i was sitting here i started getting irritated thinking about my drive home yesterday and how STUPID seattle drivers are! okay let me calm down before my boss walks by lol. yesterday evening i was on I405 heading south when this car in the carpool lane suddenly jumps in front of me, now i have a led foot so i was going 70mph (shut up i know it aint that fast) and when this lexus jumped in front of me they were going like 50...so i had to slam on my breaks, please believe if i wasn't in a rush to get home yesterday i would have let my vehicle tap that ass, okay. lol kidding. so i slam on my breaks and at first i was going to honk the horn but i decided to be nice and give them a pass thinking they were trying to merge over to exit...boy was i wrong, they decided to get in front of me and stay there. now i was coming up on my exit to I-5 when this happened so i was trying to find a way to get over but couldn't due to excess traffic, and only if that damned lexus would have sped up i could have done a fast and furious move and cut someone off...but of course they maintained their slow ass pace and i missed my exit. once i was able to i zoomed past them and ended up having to take the long way home. now this may not sound bad, but seriously people this is a daily occurance. when it rains everyone gets scared and drives uber slow, when it snows everyone stays home, when its sunny people tend to drive a little too fast and then slam on their brakes...now i know i'm the shit and then some when it comes to driving (almost 10 years of driving and i still have a clean record *knocks on wood*) but i am officially convinced that people in washington state SUCK at driving.

my road rage isn't as bad as some people, but i will admit that i do have it. i always get the urge to flip the bird or honk my horn when someone pisses me off on the road, 99% of the time i don't do anything but there are those small chances when i live a little and give them a piece of my mind. haha.

so my request, if you can't drive get off the friggin road! mmk thanks and good day!

ok that was my rant for the day...lol.

Beyonce last week, Britney tonight!

So I'm going to see Britney Spears tonight in concert, I'm actually really freakin excited. I was able to catch Beyonce in concert last week and she knocked my socks off so I'm ready to see what the princess of pop can do. I heard that at her Vancouver show last night she paused the show for almost an hour because people were smoking weed and stuff, so she waited until they were done before continuing...wow. I hope that doesn't happen tonight because her show starts at 8pm! Today i'm going to listen to all things Britney, lol...gotta get my pop hat on because you know i was the leader of that bus back in 98 and early 2000s.

I just love old Britney, Nsync, BSB, 5ive, Youngstown, BBMak, 98 degrees, Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera...man the list goes on...I was all about POP music when i was 15/16...and I still love Mr. Timberlake just like every other female in this world...haha.