i'm so happy! life is good.

i'm really happy right now. i feel so refreshed and brand new. i am ready to turn things around for myself and get my head back into the game. i've been sitting out for too long. i think i let the depression and insomnia get to me and i lost myself in the mix. but now i'm ready to play hardball because i'm not one to give up. i am not going to worry about all the things that once stressed me out before, i'm just going to make sure that i am focused on making things better. so look for happier post :)

Vegas is my new fave city...and more...

ok so i'm back from my brief hiatus. i had so much fun in vegas for the 4days that i was there. it totally rocked. i was a little aprehensive about going at first, but once i got there all my worries flew out the window and the good times rolled on. i liked the fact that i went with a diverse group of people and couple that i didn't really know but got to know really well during the trip. i swear it was just like an episode of the real world. i loved it. we had this super nice penthouse suite, it was gorgeous..just like something out of the pages of a rich people magazine or something.

the only thing i didn't like about the trip was that we didn't really leave the strip...well i did, but that's another story. and i didn't get a chance to see the half the things i wanted too. like i really wanted to go into the wax museum, but we didn't go inside just stood in the entrance. lol. i didn't like the clubs too much. although we got pretty good treatment while we were there, i think it was just the vegas environment. you know a bunch of cocky people inside a small space with loud music and half naked girls...that equals trouble. but it was still fun. it's so weird that you can smoke in the clubs, that wasn't cool cause i was like choking from second hand smoke the whole night.

saturday night was so much fun, i decided not to go to the club because i was over the vegas club scene so i went on a little date with a friend that lives down there. oh my gosh it was so much fun. he pretty much showed me around the city and we went to this area waaaaay off the strip that overlooks the city. oh my gah it was SO beautiful. all the lights and the buildings, wow i wish i had a camera too capture it. it was nice.

the plane ride there was something else..lol. i had a small panic attack that lasted during the intial part of take-off but once we kind of got in the air i was fine. i actually like flying, it's just the turbulance that gets me. and i don't like taking off because its almost always rocky. the trip home was nice because it was mostly smooth.

i want to go back so badly. even though Vegas is expensive, it is so much fun. i saw rampage jackson, well i was in the elevator with him..he seems a bit cocky and arrogant but it was cool. and then i saw j.r. smith from the denver nuggets. i wanted to see some bigger stars but it didn't happen this go round. next time i go i am most definitely going with a plan.

this trip inspired me so much. i love my city and my surroundings, but being out of the state just reminded me of how much world there is left to see. i mean although i have traveled and seen pretty much the entire country, it was when i was younger. i love the west coast. its so vibrant and fun. my mom has been pushing me to go after what i want and to move to Los Angeles. and after going on this trip it just pushed me two steps forward in that direction. i am still going to go back to school fall quarter but i am going to look into moving down to California or Vegas. either way i won't be up here too much longer. i realized that there really isn't anything here for me. my family and friends are here, but i don't have anything holding me here. i don't have a career that's based here, no kids, no man, no other drama..i'm pretty much free to float around. so i guess my next major goal is packing up and moving to California. that makes me excited.

wow this was a much needed vacation. i was so stressed out before i went. it seemed like my whole world was crashing down on me. i felt pretty hopeless, but now i feel so refreshed and new. i know that the Lord has big plans for me and i'm going to follow His lead.