what happened to trust and secrets?

so i just got done posting a blog on my myspace, but i had to do some of it in french, because i didn't want certain people to read it...anyways. so i have another pet peeve!!! and the crowd roars....yayayyayayaaaay! lol

so over the weekend, i was approached by someone regarding some information that i had told a friend of mine. it was weird because i didn't tell anyone but this one person so i knew that the only way that this other person knew about it was because my friend told. don't you just hate when you confide in someone and they run and tell other people your business?!? that pisses me off. so i have decided that i'm not sharing my personal life with anyone in particular...everyone will find out shit at the same time. i don't like people discussing my business without me, there is just something so fake about that whole situation.

what ever happened to trust? i just feel like i can't share anything with anyone anymore...that's why i blog/vlog because i don't trust anybody...so if anyone is going to put my business in the streets it will be me. sometimes i just want to be sure that if i tell someone something that they actually keep their mouth shut or at least ask me before they go blabbing my business to the ears on the street!

whew! i feel so much better now, so the rant is done.

today was great, and i must say i'm loving the change. life is just making me smile lately. although i have a lot of rejection and down falls, i can't help but smile everyday that i wake up. i was going to make another blog but i think i'll just combine it...two sepatate topics, but whatever.

so after hearing about the passing of bernie mac and issac hayes this weekend it reminded me again just how short life really is. both of them were fairly young and probaly were not expecting to meet the maker anytime soon. it made me think of all the things that i have planned for myself...will i ever see them through? who knows, but what i do know is that everyday i want to accomplish something. i want to learn something, i want to experience something, i want to do something...i don't want to waste a moment. and i don't want to spend it talking to fake friends or just fake people in general...life is too short to waste time dealing with stuff like that. i am going to continue to NOT complain about anything...i'm just going to continue to push forward and make my life happen!