Happy Friday...Grrr I hate douche bags!

First of I want to start by saying that it is a lovely sunny Friday here in Seattle *gasps* I know shocking, right? So despite my angry emotions in this blog I am very happy today...just dealing with a total asshat...its annoying. So this is kind of a letter to this guy...who i know i shouldn't even be dedicating a blog too...but whatever here's his 15min in the spotlight...lol

Dear ________,

I don't care that I didn't get invited to your stupid birthday, I don't even care that you told me things and then acted differently when you saw me a week later, I'm content knowing that you are just a confused little boy who has lost his way and is struggling to find it back to the top. But what does annoy the hell out of me is the fact that you can say the nicest things to me and then i see you at the club and you completly ignore me. I looked like a fool walking up to you because i "thought" we were friends waving and saying hi...and you just turned your head...like i was a groupie or something. I guess all that talk of you looking like people that you will never be went to your head...you are so lame.


I feel sorry for you. but i feel more sorry for myself because i actually believed that you were a nice guy but man was i wrong. Our "friendship" started in the weirdest way...and for some off reason I thought that you would take it for what it was man up and not obsess over the few times that we shared...because i certainly took it for what it was and never went any further than that. but i guess some people just can't get past the immature shit.

but hey it's a lesson learned because i'm mature and not stuck on stupid. i know when someone is blowing me off and shutting me out...its okay although i do not understand your method or reasoning.

its whatever.

honestly you are not worth my time or energy and i am officially over your wannabe ass...*sigh* i digress.

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