Pretty Ricky and Sexy Spec?

I know this is a couple days old but in the blog world that is like YEARS lol. I'm just getting around to commenting on ole dude from Pretty Ricky (posting the vid below if you haven't seen it). Now i'm all for a sexy dance but Spectacular that was a little much, don't ya think? You guys watch the video and tell me what you think...lol. I must say that i love the song, which i guess means he succeeded in promoting his single "Tipsy", it will be on heavy rotation on the iPod. He took one for the team, but my only question is what was he expecting to get back from Chris, Bow Wow, Trey, and the rest of the MEN that he challenged?!?

My fave part of the video is the first twirl...haha PRICELESS!

I'm ashamed that he can work his hips better than me...hahahaha this boy is too much, but smart because I bet his single will hit the top!

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Anonymous said...

lmao...this was definitely funny as all hell...

nice blog!